La Grande Adventist Christian School


Application Requirements

La Grande Adventist School admits students in grades K-8th, regardless of race, color, religion, or gender.  Those who apply are expected to demonstrate respect in their words, actions, and attitudes for God, those in authority, and fellow classmates.

Each student must go through an admissions testing process before he or she is accepted to La Grande Adventist School.  All educational records must be reviewed before admission is finalized. 

Evidence for Admission:
  • Completed Application Form.
  • Student willingness to cooperate in the school program.
  • Birth certificates must be shown upon registration of all kindergarten and 1st grade students. In compliance with Oregon State Law, a student should be at least 5 years of age on or before September 1 before entering kindergarten, or 6 years of age on or before September 1 before entering 1st grade.
  • Transcript and health records.
  • Financial arrangements.
New Students (grades 3-8):
  • Two completed Recommendation Forms:one from a pastor and one from a former teacher.
  • Student interview with the principal.
Answers to questions about the application process can be addressed by calling the school:  (541) 963-6203.

Testing is available to help you select the best educational plan for each child’s success.

Students will be placed on a probationary period lasting until the student has completed one full quarter at La Grande Adventist School.

Physical Examination:
A physical examination with adequate follow-up or a health certificate from the family doctor shall be required of all students entering formal schooling for the first time.  All medical exams must be completed by September 15.

Immunization Requirements:
Immunization requirements apply to all students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, enrolled in public and non-public schools, and children enrolled in child care centers.  La Grande Adventist School requires immunizations per state standards.

Only a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy can issue a medical exemption for your child.  If your child has a serious medical condition which prevents him/her from being immunized, visit your doctor and request a medical exemption.  This exemption should be submitted to the school when you register your child.

If you wish for your child to be exempt from immunization for religious reasons, you must submit an Oregon State Department of Health Certificate of Exemption upon registration of your child.  Contact the local health department to acquire these forms.  La Grande Adventist School requires that this form have the signature of the legal guardian notarized.

For an immunization schedule, please refer to the form in the registration packet.

Complete school policies are contained in the Student Handbook.  (may take some time to load depending on internet speed)