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           Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, & 1st - 8th Grade Rates for 2023-2024 School Year

School Days: Monday-Thursday 8am-3pm & Friday 8am-Noon

Registration Fee -- $175/child

Tuition Rate Monthly -- $375/month per child

                                     $713/month for 2 children (5% discount)

                                     $1012/month for 3 children (10% discount)

Tuition Rate Yearly -- $3375 for 1 child

                                   Paid by June 15th -- $3038/year for 1 child (10% discount)

                                   Paid by August 31st -- $3206/year for 1 child (5% discount)


School Days: Monday-Thursday 8am-11am

Registration Fee -- $75/child

Tuition Rate -- 4-Days/week -- $225/month

                       3-Days/week -- $180/month

                       2-Days/week -- $146/month


School Year: Monday-Thursday 11am-530pm & Friday 730am-530pm

Summer: Monday-Friday 730am-530pm


*Ask about our multiple child discounts, payment in full discounts, and GRH discounts

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